Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture symbolizes a huge investment in your home and proper upholstery cleaning and care is a must to keep it newer looking longer. White Glove Cleaning is the one company who truly cares about and takes care of your upholstery. We give your upholstery the same meticulous detail that we give your carpets making it so you can have the best results possible when we are finished.

We at White Glove Cleaning will do the following:

* Test the fabric: We test before cleaning so we know which of the many cleaning solutions will work best for that fabric.
*Pre-Treat fabric: We pre-treat stains and spots to make it easier to remove them and to give you the best results possible.
* Clean and rinse: We clean with the solution that best suits your furniture and gently but thoroughly remove the soil leaving your upholstery nice and clean
* Apply Protector: We, upon your approval, apply the appropriate upholstery protector to the newly cleaned piece so that it can stay fresher longer and the dust, & dirt will vacuum off easier for you each time you vacuum it.

We go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right and to your satisfaction. We do the little things that others forget and we don’t charge extra for those little touches.  These are the things that separate us from the other big non caring companies.

Contact us today 801-446-7144 or email  to schedule your appointment to get your upholstery cleaned.

"Let us give your upholstery the White Glove Touch"